New Technologies for Handymen

One thing about construction is that, at its most basic level, things haven’t changed. Hammers are used for driving nails through things. Mortar is used to make sure bricks and blocks stay in place. Material meets material, eventually coming together to form something. All handymen know this.


However, that doesn’t mean technology doesn’t have a hand in the business. The best carpenter Perth doesn’t just have the skills and the experience, but also the ability to look into the latest tech available.


What, you thought the tech industry would leave the construction industry alone? There’s a lot of ways to use machines and tools to make things easier. From power tools to fancier gadgetry that wouldn’t be out of place in a spy novel, there’s a lot to love.


There are times you need to look behind a wall, for example. This is without breaking it down. That’s where the borescope comes in.


The basic idea is lifted from some medical tech. What you get is a “snake” pipe with a small camera at the end, and you can use it to fish through a tight space and see things over a monitor.


There’s a lot of companies that make borescopes. However, you’ll want one that can let you view things on anything that can get a wi-fi signal. This makes for greater convenience. If you can find one that’s waterproof, that’s better. No telling when they might get wet behind a wall.


Thermal cameras are also a good idea.


Thermal imaging is expensive, but if you can get FLIR, that’s a cheaper option. The device plugs into a phone or tablet, allowing you to see through poorly insulated walls. You can get things like water leaks, electrical overloads, and anything else you can see with heat vision.


Cold and warm areas show up in different colours. The camera also pins down the temperature of the object you focus on. You can snap photos and record a video for future reference.


When working as a handyman, you could use protection. Steel-toe boots are a good idea, but they’re not the only thing out there that you can use. For protecting your feet, there are some high-tech work boots on the market.


These new boots combine comfort with impact protection. They have a protective cap that is made up of carbon nanotubes, creating a miniature honeycomb pattern. As anyone that’s worked in architecture knows, these are great for taking the pressure.


What you’re getting is protection that’s almost like steel, but thinner and with less weight. This means you’ve got equivalent protection, but with more comfort.


Finally, there is always a use for better batteries, the ones that last longer. Another option is the ones that provide a longer duration.


Longer-running batteries mean that you can work longer. You might even be able to work away from outlets without cluttering the place up with extension cords. Powerful batteries and minimizing the dependence on cords and outlets gives you more flexibility, improving your ability to work faster and get your handyman work done.

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