Choosing Your Video Recording Device

Catching videos things – whether everyday life, exceptional events, or newsworthy moments – is becoming easier by the day. Technology has closed the gap that was once there, so anyone can take video records of their adventures, their days, and their happiest moments.

Now, the question isn’t whether or not you can make a video record. It’s what you record it with that has taken the forefront.

Once again, modern technology provides us with a myriad of choices. What you pick out of these will largely depend on what you’re trying to do. I mean, not everyone is like me and needs all of them for different purposes.

A camera on a cell phone is probably your most immediate option. These are ideal if you like your devices small or don’t want to carry more than one of them around at any given time. These are best for casual shots, for sharing moments. Quality can be an issue, due to the smaller size of the sensor.

If you want something in excellent quality or need to edit the video, you will want something more powerful.

If you aren’t particular about accessories but want more than quality, grab a camcorder.

These types of cameras are a shrinking market as phones continue to improve. However, they still have an edge regarding image quality and better resolutions for video. They fit into a niche where you want better videos but don’t want to change phones and don’t need professional-quality equipment.

The next step is DSLR.

These designs double for stills and footage, which gives you flexibility. They also do not compromise on video quality, making them excellent for someone that needs that sort of picture. However, the catch is that audio is weak. If you want the sound to match the video, you’ll need to purchase separate gear.

At the same time, tripods or stabilizers will be mandatory. Using them handheld is shaky, and we’ve all had enough of shaky cameras for one lifetime, I think.

Finally, if you want audio and video, go for a broadcast camera.

These have the best sensors, the most features, and functions, and are not for the newbie. The quality is unbeaten by anything else on the market. These are complicated things, with specific lenses, tools, jacks, and other doodads.

Choose a camera that suits your needs. Like I said, very few people need one of each type.

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